What’s in my pantry?

In January I am participating in Frugalwoods Uber Frugal Month“. Today’s email challenge was to eat the food in your house, rather than buy more.  A good way to do this was to figure out what food we HAVE in our house. Plus, the pantry needed to be cleaned.  So I took everything OUT of the pantry (thanks Marie Kondo- putting your hands on it makes a difference), and took stock of it, and put it all back in the pantry.  Then I posted a list of what I have on the door, so we can cross it off as we eat it.  (And add to it, if we do that- hopefully we won’t this month!)

Only 2 things that were in the pantry got thrown away: a butter powder topping for popcorn (absolutely disgusting) and a spice mix for dip in a Christmas ornament that was a gift from years ago (it wasn’t air tight).

So, are you wondering what is in my pantry? Here’s the list!

Shelf 1: Random non-edible stuff, mostly containers. 1 bag of ancho chilies, 1 bag corn husks.  I can’t reach this shelf, even using our kitchen step-stool, so it’s basically moot to me!

Shelf 2: (The “Baking Shelf” : But does not include all the assorted flours and spices kept in a cabinet)

3 bags peppermint M&Ms
1 bag M&M mnis
1 bag semi sweet chocolate chips
1 large bag semi-sweet chocolate chips
¾ bag milk chocolate chips
½ bag butterscotch chips
1/6 bag bittersweet chocolate chips
½ box semi sweet bakers chocolate
½ box unsweetened bakers chocolate
2 boxes white cake mix
Brownie Mix
Cake Flour
2 packs gelatin
Instant Dry Milk
Baking powder
Break crumbs
Panko- nearly empty
Iodized salt
Kosher salt
Container homemade Indian spice mix
Baking soda
¼ gallon white vinegar
½ bottle red wine vinegar
1/8 bottle balsamic vinegar
½ bottle apple cider vinegar
¾ bottle rice wine vinegar
1/8 bottle white wine vinegar
Canola oil
1/8 bottle corn oil
¾ bottle EVOO
Sesame seed oi
2 jars coconut oil
Spray canola oil
¼ jar molasses
½ bottle light corn syrup
½ bottle blue agave nectar
¼ bottle honey
¾ box stevia in the raw


Shelf 3: (Food in Cans and Jars, mostly)

2 Vegetarian Baked Beans
4 Tomato Soup
4 generic rotel
2 diced tomatoes
2 mini tomato sauce
1 spaghetti sauce
3 cans tuna
1 jar natural peanut butter
½ jar Jiff Creamy peanut butter
1 jar Nutella
1 can enchilada sauce
1 jar Tikka Masala
1 jar jalepenos
1 jar habanero salsa
1 can water chestnuts
1 can coconut milk
1 bottle wing sauce
¾ container raisins
½ box golden raisins
1 bag dried cranberries
1 jar beef bouillon granules
Nearly empty sunflower kernels

Shelf 4: (Breakfast  foods, mostly)

Nearly empty oatmeal
¾ bag tootie fruities
Nearly empty Frosted mini spooners
½ bag Honey Graham Toasters
Bag of tortilla chips
¼ bag of tortilla chips
½ Country gravy mix
1/8 container Hot chocolate mix
Instant iced French vanilla coffees
1 bag fruit smiles
1 ½ packs of nori
1 packet miso soup
1 pack of rice paper
1 powerade
1 Hawaiian punch single
Random box of noodles and stuff from Japan


Shelf 5: (Grains and Pastas, mostly)

¼ container couscous
¼ bag red quinoa
7/8 bag whole grain quinoa
¼ bag Calrose rice
¾ bag basmati rice
½ bag extra long grain rice
¼ bag Arborio rice
7 packages ramen noodles
1 ½ boxes large shell noodles
4 boxes macaroni and cheese
3 Caesar Suddenly Salads
Large Box Ritz Crackers
½ bag dried black beans
½ box cheese-its
½ box triscuits
Graham Crackers
½ box chocolate Graham Crackers
½ box microwave popcorn
½ container popcorn kernels
Small container home ground popcorn salt

Shelf 6: Non-food (2 recycling bins, tons of plastic bags, paper bags)



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