The second day of the year…

…and today is my second post. I had high hopes for the new blog when I changed from my blogger blog. And then life got in the way; or continued to get in the way. The loss of my son in 2015 wasn’t something I could just pick up and move on from. 2016 was hard. Really really hard. Writing on the internet was just not something I wanted to do at all.  I thought I wanted to write a travel blog (, and had a lot of trips coming up – but then I didn’t blog any of them.  I set up this blog to talk about all the other things; the crafting, random product reviews etc. But then I basically didn’t do those things. In 2016 I was lost and just trying to recover myself. I still need a focus for the blog, but for now it will just be writing.

So this year, I’m not going to resolve to write, because a resolution sets me up for failure, but I do enjoy it, so I’m going to try.

What has this year brought so far?

-A clean craft room.  My week off work for Christmas I removed everything from my craft room and then put it all (minus a few bags of junk) back in. Now everything has a place.

-A fun new way to craft. Well, this was actually a Black Friday gift, but I have a new Silhouette Cameo, and am having a ton of fun making projects on it. Maybe I will do some tutorials.

-A commitment to Frugalwoods “Uber Frugal January”. I was proud of our savings rate last year, and I think it would be amazing if we can do it again with a daycare payment this year.

-A giant belly.  Well, I guess last year brought that too. But I am now 28 weeks pregnant. We hope our take home baby will be joining us at the end of March.

-A commitment to exercise until the baby comes.  Starting on the first I want to exercise 5 days a week. I probably won’t blog about it, that’s boring.  But right now I’m liking



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