Jalie 3245

I recently went to a Lularoe party.  Have you heard of Lularoe? It’s a direct sales clothing company. They have an interesting sales model unlike most other direct sales.  All their clothes are limited edition. If the consultant doesn’t have what you want at the party, whether it be style, pattern, or size- they can’t get it.  So at the party, I really wanted a “Randy” shirt- a raglan with patterns on the sleeve and a solid color on the body.  Well, every single one she had was pattern on the body and solid sleeves.  I was disappointed. (I was also a bit pleased I didn’t spend $35 on a basic t-shirt.)

jale 3245

Then I remembered having seen the raglan pattern in the Jalie catalog: 3245.
I could make this myself!

So I ordered the pattern from Amazon and found some fabric in my stash.  This is just a wearable muslin (And the hem needs pressing…)- but I have my faux “Randy”.


I plan to make another. The next shirt I will make a bit more fitted and also the back even longer (already I added about 3 inches).  But I’m pretty pleased with this for a first try.  I probably should have just made the tunic length. I’m also not sure if it is the non-pressed hem, or something wrong with the fitting but I don’t love how the fabric lies on the front.


This is size U graded to AA, but then I took another 1/4″ off each side seam because it was way too big at the AA.  Being between sizes is confusing! But I do love how Jalie has so many sizes available on one pattern so that grading is easy and I don’t have to buy two copies of the same pattern to get my shoulders and waist sizes!


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